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Bullring Lima becomes a shelter for the homeless during corona crisis


Bullring Lima becomes a shelter for the homeless during corona crisis
The coronavirus outbreak is causing many sad events and concerns about the future. But there are also positive developments to report. The bullfighting sector has been hard hit by Covid-19. In Spain, France and Portugal, for example, 90 cruel events with bulls have already been canceled in March, April and May. Many events are also not expected to take place in June and July. But there is even more positive news!

Bullring Lima

From Lima we received the news that the bullring Acho is currently serving as a shelter for the homeless. In this way, the Peruvian capital wants to protect the homeless against infection by the coronavirus. The bullfighting sector reacted anything but satisfied with this initiative. As long as the bullring is used as a homeless center, no bullfights can take place. The president of the Constitutional Court of Peru responded to the discontent from the bullfighting sector by saying that saving lives is far more important than holding bloody and cruel spectacles with animals.

We are pleased with these developments. Our colleagues from Peru have been advocating for years to end bullfights in Lima and to use the arena for other purposes. From CAS International, we have been actively supporting our Peruvian colleagues for many years by sending letters to the authorities and with their actions on social media. It is nice to see that Acho now serves to save lives. We continue to fight so that Acho will never again be a place where animals suffer and die a cruel death.

Bullring Pontevedra

Our colleagues from Galicia (Spain) of Galicia, Mellor Sen Touradas, were inspired by the developments in Lima. They asked the Pontevedra authorities to use the local bullring as a homeless center or as a temporary hospital to support the healthcare system during the corona crisis. Healthcare in Spain is suffering severely from the outbreak of COVID-19 and emergency hospitals are being build everywhere in the country. We hope that the Pontevedra authorities will follow the example of Lima.

We support our colleagues from Galicia. With Galicia, Mellor Sen Touradas we have been fighting against bullfighting together for years and new projects are in the pipeline. Keep an eye on our website for more news.

Bullfighting subsidies used for water bills

The Spanish municipality of Piedralaves decided to use the bullfighting subsidies of 30,000 euros for this year for another purpose: to pay the water bill of its inhabitants and in this way to ease the economic slump of many families in Piedralaves. Together with our Spanish colleagues, we are asking local and national authorities to stop their bullfighting subsidies and use them for other purposes, such as healthcare or education. It is great to see that Piedralaves uses this money to do something positive for society. We call on other Spanish municipalities to do the same, not only during the corona crisis but also after the outbreak, so that no more money goes to cruel bullfights.

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