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Bullfighting sector wants 700 million euros of financial compensation

Bullfighting sector wants 700 million euros of financial compensation

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While Spain is ravaged by the coronavirus outbreak and the country is in a state of emergency, the bullfighting sector is seeking financial compensation from the Spanish government. The planned bullfights and cruel feasts with bulls have been canceled for the months of March, April and May, and the sector is not getting any incomes. A compensation has been requested for 700 million euros.

The bullfighting sector receives millions of euros annually in subsidies at national, regional and municipal level. Every year, 130 million euros in agricultural subsidies from the European Union go to livestock farms that breed fighting bulls. These are millions of euros that are used to torture and kill animals for entertainment. This money can better be used in vital sectors such as health care and education. In Spain these sectors can use all financial support. And now health care is hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak.

Send a letter to the Spanish government

Why should the Spanish government compensate for a bloody sector that can’t count with the support of the majority of Spaniards? It is already known that more than 85% of Spaniards are against subsidizing bullfighting. We believe that the money should be spent on health care to combat the coronavirus. Please send this letter of our sister organization AnimaNaturalis to the Spanish government asking to no give financial support to the bullfighting sector. More than 17,000 people have already sent this letter to the Spanish government (when you open the link, please scroll down and you will see the word ¡ACTÚA! in capital letters. Here is where you can send the letter. On the right side there is an example letter in Spanish but if you wish you can change the text and write a message in english).

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Click here to send the letter. 

Cruel feasts with bulls

CAS International and AnimaNaturalis are working in a joint campaign that aims to end the cruel feasts with bulls and cows in Spain. We are currently conducting the largest and deepest investigation ever into the more than 18,000 festivities with animals that take place in Spain every single year. We want to bring to light the animal suffering that takes place in these festivals and traditions in thousands of villages. We will continue this campaign during the coronavirus crisis. We can’t film at these feasts with bulls right now, but this is the perfect moment to work out all the information we’ve collected so far for this campaign.

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