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Bullfighting comes to an end in Maracaibo, Venezuela


Bullfighting comes to an end in Maracaibo, Venezuela

We have good news! Bullfighting comes to an end in Maracaibo, the capital of the Venezuelan state of Zula. The new mayor, Willy Casanova, decided to no longer permit the use of the bullring for bullfights. The role of the bullring will be changed so all kinds of events can be held here, as long they are without cruelties and accessible for everybody.

The new mayor is changing the policies of the municipality to make them more animal friendly, and he is against the killing of animals for entertainment. Willy Casanova:

“We believe that this is no longer allowed to happen in a state where the most basic values are defended… we will change the status of the bullring so it is a place for everybody, meant for recreative activities.”

Casanova also states that this measure will help the city to generate new sources of income.

Marius Kolff, director of CAS International:

“It is great that the mayor of Maracaibo has taken this brave decision. Let’s hope he will be an example to many, and that this decision will be followed in politics, so an definite end to this type of animal maltreatment can be achieved here.”

It is not the first time that steps are made against bullfighting in Maracaibo. Earlier by the church, through the figure of archbishop of the state Zulia, Ubaldo Santana, the organization of cruel events with bulls to honour the Virgin of Chiquinquirá was terminated. He was responsible for the end of cruel events as part of the patronal feasts of Maracaibo.

In 2012 Zulia became the first state in Venezula to prohibit the access of minors (under 18 years) to bullfights.