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Air Europa planes carry bulls for bullfights


Recently, five bulls arrived dead at Lima airport. The animals flew on an Air Europa flight lasting at least 12 hours. One of the aspects of the bullfighting sector that is usually hidden from the outside world is the long-distance transports. In fact, bulls for bullfights are regularly flown from Spain to Latin America and within Europe.

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It is a disgrace that Air Europa transports bulls for bullfights. We have therefore sent a letter to Air Europa from CAS asking them to stop these transports! The letter was also sent on behalf of the International Network Against Bullfighting, which includes more than 100 organisations from 15 countries.


The transport is a source of enormous stress for the bulls. In addition, the animals are transported in isolation, whereas they are herd animals and usually live in a group. The airline transports them in cages where they have hardly any room to move. Sometimes the journey takes up to days: in addition to the flight, they transport the animals from the breeding farm to the airport, and still to the bullring after the flight. During such a long journey, bulls can lose up to 50 kg in weight due to the lack of food and the stress of transport.

Air Europa transported eight bulls from two different Spanish breeding farms. Five of them did not survive the flight. So far, the reason for their death is unknown. Possible reasons for their death could be a too high dose of sedatives, too low a temperature on the plane, etc. We hope the vet’s report will be made public soon.

We find the air transport of bulls unacceptable and ask airlines to stop facilitating the bullfighting sector. Therefore, together with our sister organisations, we will investigate which airlines still transport bulls for bullfights.

Keep an eye on our website for more news about our action against Air Europa.

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