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Adopt Tina

Adopt Tina

© Santuario GAIA

Through CAS International it is possible to adopt a bull, cow or horse rescued from the bullfighting sector. We recently added a new cow to our list of animals to be adopted. Below you can read the story of our new adoption cow Tina.

Tina is a beautiful cow bred by the bullfighting sector. She belongs to the same breed as fighting bulls. These bulls and cows are used in bullfights and cruel festivities with animals to entertain people. When Tina was only a few months old, she was used in illegal ‘capeas’. Capeas are bullfights with bulls and cows under three years old. Tina was lucky not to get killed, but she suffered a lot of trauma. They had beaten her so badly that she missed half of her teeth.

When she was seven months old, she was rescued by Santuario GAIA in Catalonia, Spain. She was terrified of people. Step by step, she regained her confidence thanks to bull Samuel, who helped her on her way. Tina is still afraid of people, but fortunately there are times when she lets the staff of the sanctuary cuddle her.

Tina was very lucky. In case she wasn’t rescued, she could have died during a bullfight. In the becerradas very young cows and bulls of 1 to 2 years old are killed. Another possibility is that she was used for ‘tientas’, where her ‘bravery’ was tested. In the bullring several tests are carried out. For example, the stabbing of the cow by a rider on horse back to see how she reacts. Mostly their destiny is to breed, the rest is brought to the slaughterhouse or is sold.

Thanks to Santuario GAIA Tina now lives in freedom.

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