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60 dead bulls in Pamplona


The fiestas of San Fermin in the Spanish city of Pamplona have ended. This year with 60 dead bulls who died a horrible death in a bullfight. For eight days, bull runs took place with six bulls, that were killed later that day in the evening. A total of 48 bulls who started the day under great stress, moving through a screaming mass of people. 48 bulls who were slaughtered during a bullfight.

60 dead bulls in Pamplona © CAS international

During Pamplona’s fiestas, bullfights take place daily. On the first day, a novillada, a bullfight with six young bulls, took place. On the second day a rejoneo, a bullfight with adult bulls with a bullfighter on horseback. The horse is more likely to be injured in the rejoneo than in the classic bullfight. This is because the horse does not wear any protection around its body. And between days 3 and 10, bullfights took place every night with the bulls participating in the bull runs.

And they are not the only animals who suffer. Consider the oxen that run with the six bulls every morning. And after each bull run, when the bulls have arrived in the bullring and are stabled, the public get to have fun with young cows in the bullring. This creates a lot of stress for the young animals. Every morning again.

European subsidies

CAS wants an end of the European agricultural subsidies that the bullfighting sector receives every year. Bullfighting is banned in most European countries, yet all European citizens contribute to it. It is estimated that a total of 629 million euros of public money goes to bullfighting in Spain. 130 million would come from agricultural subsidies from the European Union.


Every year thousands of tourists from Spain, but also from other countries such as the Netherlands, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, etc. go to Pamplona to participate in the running of the bulls. Many foreign tourists do not know that the bulls that participate in the bull runs will be killed. CAS requests tourists not to go to the Pamplona bull run and to contribute financially to bullfighting.

18,000 blood fiestas

CAS and AnimaNaturalis are working in a joint campaign aimed at ending the cruel bull festivals in Spain. We are currently conducting the largest and deepest investigation ever into the more than 18,000 bull fiestas that take place in Spain each year. Support our campaign and sign our petition so we can end the cruel bull festivals in Spain!

Support our campaign and sign our petition so we can end the cruel bull festivals in Spain!

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