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14th International Summit Against Bullfighting


At the beginning of November we held our annual conference against bullfighting, and this time in the most important bullfighting country of Latin America: Mexico. This year’s summit was again a great success and many organizations of the International Network Against Bullfighting traveled to Mexico City.

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Maite van Gerwen, director of CAS:

“It was very nice that we were able to hold another summit after a long period of time. What a wonderful group of people our international network is! There is so much connection and so much energy to work together to end bullfighting. It was a fine and fruitful meeting where we again made new plans.”

About the content we cannot tell much. But we can say that we returned from Mexico full of energy and with new plans. And that fighting bullfighting by taking legal action appears to be very effective in this country. Colleagues from other countries are taking the lessons from Mexico with them to apply in their own work areas.

The organization of the summit is the responsibility of CAS International. We are also a co-financier. There will also be a presentation from CAS on key events in recent years.

Mexican campaigns

In Mexico City, we met with colleagues from AnimaNaturalis to discuss our joint campaigns. Interesting opportunities are presenting themselves to address bullfighting in Mexico through the legal process. As part of our campaigns, we protested at the building of the Mexican Food Safety Agency. We did this because killing the bull during the bullfight is an illegal activity.

Want to know more about the illegal activities of bullfighting in Mexico and our campaign? Read it here!

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