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CAS International distances itself from the actions of Peter Janssen

30 June 2020

CAS International distances itself from the actions of Peter Janssen

It is reported in the Spanish press that Peter Janssen, also known as the Vegan Streaker, set several trucks on fire. The trucks belong to Tomassen Duck-To, owner of several duck farms in The Netherlands. In Spanish media is also stated that Janssen is part of CAS International and that CAS finances his actions. We feel compelled to respond to these statements in Spanish media.

Peter Janssen and CAS do not work together and CAS does not finance the actions of Peter Janssen. In the past we worked together on peaceful actions against bullfighting in Spain, until our Spanish colleagues warned us about the illegal actions Janssen also carried out in Spain. These actions are harmful to our fight against bullfighting. Among other things, they hinder our lobbying work. We and our Spanish colleagues have been held accountable by politicians for Janssen's illegal actions. We ended all relationships with Janssen in 2015 in order to continue our work against bullfighting in Spain.

CAS International will never support illegal actions. We only work with organizations that fight peacefully. We therefore distance ourselves from the harmful actions of Janssen. Causing damage to others does no good for animal rights.