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20th March for Animal Rights in Lisbon

17 April 2019

20th March for Animal Rights in Lisbon

Also this year CAS was present at the march for animal rights in Lisbon. This was the 20th time this march took place. The march was organized by Rita Silva of our Portuguese sister organization ANIMAL.

Marius Kolff, director of CAS was in Portugal to speak about the renewal of the international network against bullfighting. This network was founded by us and ANIMAL and The League Against Cruel Sports in 2007. ANIMAL and CAS are still leading organizations within this network. While in Lisbon Marius also visited SOS Animal, a Portuguese organization with excellent contacts with producers of television programmes. They have a clinic and small animal refuge and who want to expand their activities with the fight against bullfighting. 

At the protest Marius also met his good friend and colleague Vasco Reis, 81 years old, and active for the bulls for many decades. Vasco comes from the south of Portugal and was happy to see Marius, a shared pleasure by-the-way!

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