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The bullfighting industry can only survive thanks to the sale of tickets for bullfights, receiving sponsorships from companies and awarding of grants by the government. Festivals with bulls are regularly sponsored and can often rely on municipal and/or provincial funding.

In Spain, Portugal and France bullfights often receive subsidies on municipal, provincial and national level. Also from the European Union level money flows into the bullfighting industry in the form of subsidies for the rearing of cattle destined for food production. Spain can decide which livestock receives the subsidies. We do not know exactly how much money annually is allocated to the farms where fighting bulls are bred, but we do know that they received these grants because the meat of fighting bulls is consumed; therefore this is seen as a part of the meat industry.

This implies that Europeans like  the Dutch, Belgians, Germans, etc indirectly pay for the maintenance of bullfighting through taxes. On October 28 2015, the European Parliament voted in favor of the end to European subsidies that flow to the bullfighting industry.The next step will be the European Ministers of Finance taking a position on the European subsidies that end up at the bullfighting sector.

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