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© CAS International

CAS International regularly has petitions against bullfighting and cruel fiestas with animals. We also support our colleague organizations by drawing attention to their campaigns. Often, these campaigns produce good results, as you can see on our achievements page.

Please visit this page regularly to see if there are new petitions in which you can participate. Help us end bullfighting and other forms of animal abuse.

Petitions of CAS International

Sign petition against European subsidies to bullfighting

- Sign petition against festivals with bulls and other animals in India

- Sign to end children and  taking lessons in bullfighting schools in Spain 

Petitions of our colleague organizations

- Sign the petition to avoid Nimes to be part of the UNESCO list

- Sign the petition against cruel no-kill bullfights in Valencia, Spain. The bull will be killed after the bullfight

- Sign this petition to end the correbous (a feast with bulls) in Catalonia, Spain (petition is only available in Spanish)

Sign petition to avoid that cruel feast with bulls will be declared Cultural Patrimony in the Azores

- Please ask Pope Francesco to tell his clergy to speak out against bullfighting

- For the end of the promotion of bullfighting by the tourism authorities in Spain

- Call on the Catholic church to do more on animals

- Stop the selling of tickets to bullfights by Ticketmaster, Carrefour and Corte Inglés