UN: bullfighting in contravention of the Rights of the Child

Wednesday, March 26th 2014

The committee for the Rights of the Child of the United Nations has stated that bullfighting is in contravention of the Convention of the Rights of the Child. The United Nations will now start to judge whether the bullfighting countries respect the Rights of the Child.

Portugal was the first country to be scrutinized. The country has received two important warnings: the actual minimal age of 12 years for children who are allowed to enroll to bullfighting schools should be higher, as well as the actual minimal age of 6 years for attending a bullfight. In the future, the United Nations will start to censure the other bullfighting countries as well, and it is to be excepted that they will issued the same warnings. The Rights of the Child represent universal values that are applicable to all countries.

The committee for the Rights of the Child is concerned about the physical and mental health of children who attend bullfights and even participate themselves. CAS International is content with the statement of the United Nations. Based on several investigations we know that the witnessing of violence in the arena leads to mental issues, like trauma and the weakening of the moral judgement and empathic capabilities.

Click here to read the committee's report on Portugal.

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