CAS International meets Senate members in Madrid

Wednesday, October 30th 2013

International delegation in the Spanish Senate © CAS InternationalInternational delegation in the Spanish Senate © CAS International
On Wednesday October 23 Marius Kolff, director of CAS International, met several members of the Spanish Senate in Madrid. Soon the Senate will vote on a citizen's law initiative that aims to protect bullfighting. In early October, the Spanish Congress voted in favor of this initiative. As the Spanish Partido Popular is the biggest party represented in the Senate, we expect the law - which already has been modified so much - to pass. However, several members of the Senate we spoke with intend to vote against the law because they feel that the proposal has long ceased the core of the citizen's initiative. The ban on bullfighting in Catalonia and the Canary Islands will continue to exist. In fact, the new law will not come to stand above the regional laws.

Marius Kolff, Marta Esteban Miñano of the platform La Tortura No Es Cultura and Dirk-Jan Verdonk of WSPA NL handed over a letter signed by 103 organizations from 29 countries against the initiative. They also presented a letter signed by 140 scientists and academics from 18 countries with the aim of increasing the link between animal abuse and violence, and in particular the impact of bullfighting on the awareness of children.

Marius Kolff: "The majority of the Spanish population wants the public funds flow towards bullfighting to stop. The money can be spent in much better ways. By the weakening of the law proposal certainly not more subsidies will be allocated to bullfighting, perhaps even less! The attitude of the Spanish people towards animal cruelty cannot be reconciled with the cruel bullfighting anymore."

Keep an eye on our website for the latest developments around the declaration of bullfighting as cultural heritage of Spain.

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