Sign the petition against the Bull of Fire in Medinaceli

Wednesday, November 9th 2016

Fire bull Bull of Fire © PACMA

Next Saturday, November 12, the cruel Bull of Fire ‘Toro Jubilo’ will take place in Medinaceli (Soria). During this event the horns of the bull are covered with a inflammable substance and put on fire.

Then, the bull is unleashed with ‘burning horns’ and chased by the public. The animal is in panic due to the fire and can’t extinguish the flames. It is not unusual that fireworks are set off too. The inflammable substance drops down on the head of the bull, covering him.  

This event does not only take place in Medinaceli, but also in other places in Spain. ‘Fire bulls’ are also held in the states Catalonia and Valencia. This year, the municipality of Valencia decided to prohibit it in some parts of the city.

The Fire Bull is one of the most cruel events with bulls in Spain. Every year there is a lot of social resistance, from Spain and abroad. The majority of Spaniards is against this type of events. CAS International has been struggling for years now against events with bulls in Spain and other countries.

The Spanish animal party PACMA is collecting signatures to make an end to ‘Toro Jubilo’. Sign the petition!

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