CAS joins march for animal rights in Lisbon

Wednesday, April 13rd 2016

CAS joined march in Lisbon 
CAS joined the march for animal rights in Lisbon © CAS International

On Saturday April 9 a march for animal rights took place in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon. CAS International travelled to Lisbon to join this march and stand up for the bulls and horses that are victims of the Portuguese bullfighting sector.

The march, organized by our Portuguese sister organization ANIMAL, began at the bullring Campo Pequeno and ended in front of the parliament building, and could count on the participation of around thousand people. Since 1999 ANIMAL annually organized an event to draw attention to animal rights. And CAS has been participating for years now. Marius Kolff, director of CAS, says: “It was great to see ANIMAL’s success in Portugal and the fact that they manage to mobilize so many people of a variety of Portuguese organizations. CAS has been working with ANIMAL for thirteen years now. In 2007 we launched the joint initiative to start the International Network against Bullfighting. Almost every year we attend this march of ANIMAL in Lisbon. Also this year, and this feels good, the international support is enormously appreciated.”

March for animals rights Lisbon 
March for animal rights in Lisbon © CAS International

In Portugal the bulls are not killed in the bullring during the bullfight, but after it, so the public is not confronted with the death of the animal. It is being said that this type of bullfights is less cruel because the animal does not die during the bullfighting, but this is not true: the bull suffers longer. The animal is severely wounded and will be killed after the bullfight anyway. Furthermore, the horses have a high risk to get injured since their bodies are not protected during the bullfights. And all of this suffering just to entertain a minority of Portuguese society, since the majority is against bullfighting. Over the last 5 years the number of visits to bullfights decreases with 42%.


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