New anti-bullfighting municipality in Venezuela

Wednesday, April 1st 2015

Mayor of San Felipe Alex Sanchez Salomón Banard, the mayor of San Felipe © AnimaNaturalis

The mayor of the Venezuelan municipality of San Felipe has, by a degree, banned bullfighting. This brings the total number of municipalities against bullfighting in Venezuela to 6. Worldwide there are now 125 anti-bullfighting municipalities.

The mayor says that it is his duty to take measures to "contribute to the protection and preservation of the welfare of all living beings "with the aim to promote a society free of violence. He states that bullfighting is an act of aggression and cruelty towards the bull, that damages the right to a free world without violence.

Congratulate and thank Alex Sanchez Salomón Banard, the mayor of San Felipe, via Twitter with hashtag #SanFelipeAntitaurina through the accounts of the city hall @sfalcaldia or the mayor @alexsanchezb.

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