Worldwide actions against bullfighting in Colombia

Thursday, February 23rd 2017

Meeting Colombian Embassy Meeting at the Colombian Embassy © CAS International

From over the whole world organizations and individuals asked the Colombian Congress to prohibit bullfighting in Colombia. CAS International made this request from the Netherlands. During the first week of February, The Colombian Constitutional Court decided that bullfighting can no longer be considered as an exception in the animal protection laws. It now recognizes that bullfighting is animal maltreatment. With this statement by the court, the Congress has to develop new laws within two years. This is a step towards the abolition of bullfighting in Colombia.

Meeting Embassy The Hague
Colombia Sin Toreo is a national coalition of social and animal protection organizations, that is working feverishly to accomplish a prohibition on bullfighting. Colombia Sin Toreo supports the bill by the Minister of Interior Affairs, Juan Fernando Cristo, which has as main goal the abolition of bullfights. CAS International supports the work of Colombia Sin Toreo and the Minister.

To publicly support this bill, we handed over a letter at the Colombian Embassy to the Netherlands in The Hague. The ambassador received us at the Embassy, we had a conversation with him and were able to express our appreciation for the positive developments in Colombia. He promised us to send the letter to the relevant authorities in Colombia. Many organizations in other countries delivered letters to the Colombian Embassies to their countries as well.

Action The Hague Action in The Hague © CAS

Worldwide Action
We also supported a worldwide action against bullfighting on Saturday February 18. During this action the killed bulls and horses were commemorated. We gathered in The Hague, with the political centre of The Netherlands behind us. Through Twitter we communicated to several politicians and relevant authorities that we want a prohibition of bullfighting in Colombia. Pictures of the event were attached to this message. Similar actions were held in many countries, in France, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Thailand, among others. Not only outside Colombia a prohibition is wanted, 78% of the Colombian population itself is against bullfighting.

Assault at bullring Bogota
The day after our action there was an assault against policemen around the bullring of Bogota. A bullfight was going to take place that day. Many protests have been held lately against bullfights in Bogota. Unfortunately some media from Colombia and other countries blamed the anti-bullfighting movement for the assault. Totally unjustified, because we are a peaceful movement. Hours before the attack, a yoga and meditation meeting was held in Bogota for the bulls and horses. Fortunately, the mayor of Bogota stated towards the media that our movement had nothing to do with the assault, and that is was carried out by a terrorist group. We will always condemn all types of violence.

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