Vote for rescued bull Fadjen

Wednesday, November 19th 2014

The theme of the 5th edition of the Nikon Film Festival is ‘Je suis un choix’ (I have a choice). And our choice is the end of bullfighting. Christophe Thomas will participate at the competition with a short film about bullfighting with bull Fadjen.

Fadjen is a Spanish bull rescued from the bullfighting industry in 2010. Christophe Thomas offered Fadjen a chance for a beautiful life without suffering. Moreover, Christophe informs people intensively about the fact that bulls are not that aggressive as the bullfighting industry wants us to think: in his movies you can see a bull with a gentle character that enjoys hugging, stroking, being brushed and playing with other animals.

Please vote for the beautiful film ‘Je suis Anti Corrida’ (I am anti-bullfighting), a short movie that will melt your heart.  You can vote very day for the film with Fadjen until the 11th of February 2015.

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