Vote for rescued bull Fadjen

Tuesday, January 12nd 2016

The theme of the 6th edition of the Nikon Film Festival is ‘Je suis un geste’ (I am a gesture). In the film ‘Je suis une caresse improbable’ (I am an improbable caress), an unexpected encounter takes place between a human and a bull. Bulls are seen as fierce animals but in reality they are very gentle. Christophe Thomas shows this with a short film about bullfighting with bull Fadjen.

Fadjen is a Spanish bull rescued from the bullfighting industry in 2010. Christophe Thomas offered Fadjen a chance for a beautiful life without suffering. Please vote for the beautiful film ‘Je suis une caresse improbable’, a short movie that will melt your heart. You can vote here for the film with Fadjen by clicking on 'Soutenez ce film' (support this video) until the 15th of February 2016.

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