Toro de la Peña passed without bloodshed

Tuesday, September 13rd 2016

Toro de la Peña 2016 Toro de la Peña Toro de la Peña passed without bloodshed © Ruth Toledano

Last Tuesday Toro de la Peña took place in Tordesillas. As planned, a bloodless bullrun took place and bull Pelado was not killed with lances. Animal welfare activists were present in Tordesillas to document the course of the bullrun. They report that a couple of incidents have been documented.
The riders did not carry lances, but sticks to 'guide' the bull. The bull wasn't killed either during the event. Until this year it was the custom to kill the bull with lances in a medieval way, during these local festivities, known as Toro de la Vega, in Tordesillas.

Past Saturday, there was a demonstration in Madrid where 150,000 individuals protested against Toro de la Peña, bullfighting in general, and all feasts with bulls in Spain. Animal cruelty in Spain is a hot topic of societal debate for years now.

Aside from this, the Spanish media reported that activists were assaulted and that they got a bag filled with living white mice thrown at them. This year again, the press was assaulted as well, and attempts were made to destroy cameras and smart phones.

We have a video of the bullrun Toro de la Peña in Tordesillas. It was made by Platform La Tortura no es Cultura, CAS International is part of this platform.

Our colleagues that went to Tordesillas to document the bullrun have all been confronted with violence. Our lawyer has been attacked, his cell phone was thrown in the river and he received death threats. They have documented several irregularities (assaults, presence of lances, the bull entering places that was not allowed according to the rules, etc). All these irregularities will be denounced by the platform. Watch the video of La Tortura no es Cultura:

Death of Pelado
A Spanish Sanctuary wanted to rescue Pelado. Bull Pelado was killed. On Thursday evening, September 15, Pelado was used for the second time in Tordesillas for a bull run. Despite the petition that we shared through the social media, and the many signatures from all over the world, Pelado was brought to the slaughterhouse on Friday and killed. The other 13 bulls that were used during the festivities in Tordesillas were killed too.

Adopt a bull
CAS International wanted to help Pelado in case he would be rescued by El Hogar ProVegan. We had the plan to make it possible to adopt Pelado so many people would be able to support Pelado financially. Unfortunately we could not help Pelado, but it is possible to adopt via CAS other bulls and cows rescued from the bullfighting industry.

Pelado dead Pelado has been anesthetized in a field around Tordesillas

Many long years of campaigning
Toro de la Vega is one of the most important campaigns of CAS International in the last 10 years. Since 2006 we have worked with PACMA, and later also with HSI, in the campaign ‘Rompe una lanza’ (break a lance) to get this event forbiden by annually lobbying and protesting in Tordesillas, Valladolid and Madrid. CAS International has spend thousands of euros in this campaign yearly. We also travelled many times to spain with volunteers from the Netherlands and Belgium to show that not only many Spaniards, but also many Europeans do not longer accept this animal abuse. At the start of this campaign, hardly anyone in Spain or abroad knew what happened in Tordesillas on an annual basis. In the past years, more and more organizations and individuals have joined the struggle against this barbarous feast.

Documentary about Toro de la Vega
In September 2015, CAS International travelled with Karen Soeters, founder of the Dutch website about animals and nature, to Tordesillas to film the event undercover. Bull Rompesuelas died a terrible death that day. Unfortunately we were not able to save Rompesuelas, but a lot of people could see the documentary PiepVandaag made (only in Dutch available):


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