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Thursday, February 22nd 2018

Bulls © CAS International

Bullfights are either prohibited in most countries in the European Union, or do not take place any longer. Three countries of the European Union do have bullfights. Spain and Portugal hold bullfights and have no prohibition at all. In France bullfights are prohibited in general, but many municipalities in the south of the country do host bullfights. These communities are exempted from the law due to the cultural history of bullfighting in this region.

The bullfighting sector receives public funding from the European Union through subsidies that are meant for the agrarian sector. The European Parliament decided in 2015, after intensive lobby by CAS International and other organizations, to stop this funding. But until now, the European Commission has not been able to stop these subsidies because, according to the Commission, these are invisible.

The policy of subsidies is being revised at the moment (2018). CAS expects that during this revision the routing of the money flows will become clear. This transparency will make visible how money from the European Union ends up in the bullfighting sector. When this is clear, it will be possible to stop this money flow, as decided by the European Parliament. Our petition supports the decision of European Parliament to stop this flow of subsidies.

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