Sencelles: new anti-bullfighting municipality

Thursday, July 24th 2014

Sencelles Mallorca Sin Sangre © AnimaNaturalis

The Spanish municipality of Sencelles (Mallorca) has declared itself as anti-bullfighting municipality. The motion that requested the declaration was accepted with 7 votes in favour, and 3 against. The municipality also decided to ban circuses with animals. This success has been achieved thanks to the lobbying of members of the campaign ‘Mallorca Sin Sangre’ (Mallorca without blood).

‘Mallorca Sin Sangre’ is an initiative of AnimaNaturalis and CAS. The main objective of the campaign is to abolish bullfighting from the Spanish Island of Mallorca. In the mean time, we have achieved other successes. At this moment, there are 115 anti-bullfighting municipalities worldwide.

You can actively support us in our campaign! You can help us to collect more signatures to persuade the politicians in Mallorca to ban bullfighting on the whole island. Please sign the petition and share it on the social media!

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