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Tuesday, February 16th 2016

Fight between bulls in IndiaFight between two bulls in India

On May 7 2014, the Jallikattu Festival was prohibited together with other events like races and fights with animals by the Supreme Court of India. The main purpose was to prevent unnecessary suffering and pain during these festivals. The authorities are not allowed to permit these events.

India has good animal welfare laws, but these are regularly not being respected or implemented. Illegal festivals with bulls and other animals are still being organized despite of the prohibition.

In 2014, India took the very important step of abolishing centuries-old traditions because of animal maltreatment. The country became an example, mainly for other Asian countries as well as the bullfighting-countries, where similar events with animals were not banned because of their supposed cultural value. Now the international reputation of the country is at risk: India might lose its status as a progressive and reliable nation in regards to legislation if it permits cruel events with animals, ignoring the laws that ban them.

CAS International is worried about the actual developments in India and will do everything in its power to end the illegal events with bulls and other animals. Please sign our petition against illegal festivals with animals in India:

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