India prohibits bullfights

Wednesday, May 21st 2014

Jallikattu © Reuters The Jallikattu Festival

The Supreme Court in India has decided to prohibit bullraces, bullfights and the controversial festival of Jallikattu. During the Jallikattu Festival, people from the public could attempt to catch rewards hanging on the horns of the bulls. Although no weapons were permitted during the festival, the bulls were treated roughly. It is estimated that the Jallikattu Festival is 2,000 years old.

The Supreme Court has prohibited bullfights and bullraces because they consider these to be abusive to animals. India takes a very important step with this decision, by banning a centuries-old tradition, and India now becomes an example for other countries. This is a very important event, since this type of festivals with animals are normally not banned because of the argument that it is considered to be of cultural value.

In the past, CAS International has asked her supporters to sign a petition against the Jallikattu Festival. We are very happy that the Supreme Court has decided in favour of animal welfare in India. We hope that the bullfighting countries will follow soon!

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