Guerrero prohibits bullfighting

Thursday, July 31st 2014

Bull and matador © CAS International © CAS International

The parliament of the Mexican State of Guerrero has unanimously decided to prohibit bullfighting. With this decision, Guerrero becomes the second state in Mexico where bullfighting has been banned. CAS International is very happy with the decision of the parliament of the state of Guerrero to accept a new law for animal rights, which will not only prohibit bullfighting but other forms of animal abuse as well.

At this moment, there is an important discussion going on in Mexico about animal rights and the prohibition of several forms of cruel entertainment with animals, like bullfighting. Several states are discussing the existent laws on animal rights: in some states this discussion has been initiated by animal welfare organizations, in other states by members of the congress who understand the importance of this debate. Sonora was the first Mexican state that prohibited bullfighting, in 2013. In the last two years, 8 Mexican municipalities have decided to declare themselves as anti-bullfighting municipalities.

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