Mexican state Coahuila prohibits bullfighting

Thursday, August 27th 2015

Congress Coahuila ban bullfighting Happiness in Congress Coahuila after voting

The Mexican state Coahuila prohibits bullfighting and becomes the third state in Mexico with a ban. The voting took place in the Congress of Coahuila, with 16 votes in favour and 5 against the prohibition.

The bill was an initiative of governor Rubén Moreira Valdéz (PRI) and it could count on the support of the anti-bullfighting movement. According to Rubén Moreira, this initiative was a response to the request made by the United Nations to Mexico to keep children away from the violence of bullfighting.

More and more municipalities and states decide to abolish bullfighting. In Mexico, the states of Sonora and Guerrero already prohibited bullfighting, and Mexico counts 7 municipalities against bullfighting. Worldwide 132 municipalities pronounced themselves against bullfighting.

CAS International is very happy with this news. The initiative could count on the support of thousands of people, and CAS helped to share the petition through her social media. We also participated in the tweetstorm that was meant to support the initiative. CAS wants to thank everybody who supported us in the social media, and signed and shared the petition!

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