CAS attends events in several countries

Thursday, August 18th 2016

Prorest Mont-de-Marsan Director Marius Kolff in protest in Mont-de-Marsan, France © CAS International

Recently, CAS International attended several activities, both in the Netherlands as in the bullfighting countries. The goal is to inform people in different ways and increase public consciousness about the fact that bullfighting is cruel and must end:

  • Protest in the Spanish city Bilbao with 6,000 participants. The protest was organized by our Basque sister organization Piztiak Konpartsa Animalista. The most important purpose of the protest was the end of bullfighting in the Basque Country. We did not attend the protest but we had a message that was read out for the participants. Two weeks later CAS was in Bilbao for a very productive meeting with Pitziak Konpartsa Animalista, where we spoke about our running joint campaign to end bullfight in the Basque Country.
  • Protest in Mont-de-Marsan in France against bullfighting in this city. The protest was organized by CRAC Europe. It was a tumultuous protest, something that happens regularly in France. The protest did not go as planned due to a nervous police because of the recent attacks in France. 2,000 people joined the protest. CAS was there, also to represent the International Network against Bullfighting, and kept away from the activist elements of the protest.
  • CAS International attended the zwerfdierenfestival on the Erkemedestrand in Zeewolde, The Netherlands. This was a festival about stray animals in countries like Spain.
  • And CAS was also present during a fleamarket set up for Ngos working on animal welfare in thriftstore Wawollie in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Our activities in the Netherlands are only possible with the help of our volunteers. In case you are interested to help us with a stand, to inform children at school or the general audience in the streets, etc, please register as a volunteer for CAS International.

CAS bij Wawollie
CAS at fleamarket in thriftstore Wawollie in Utrecht © CAS International

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