Bull Pelado killed

Tuesday, September 20th 2016

Pelado Tordesillas Pelado in Tordesillas © La Tortura no es Cultura

Bull Pelado was killed. On Thursday evening, September 15, Pelado was used for the second time in Tordesillas for a bull run. Despite the petition that we shared through the social media, and the many signatures from all over the world, Pelado was brought to the slaughterhouse on Friday and killed. The other 13 bulls that were used during the festivities in Tordesillas were killed too.

On Tuesday, September 13, Toro de la Peña took place. Pelado was used for this bull run, during 2 hours. He ended up exhausted between the trees, unwilling to exit this place. A lot of organizations went to Tordesillas that day to document what happened and how the bull was molested. The Platform La Tortura no es Cultura (CAS is part of this platform) were there and filmed the bull run. All the representatives of La Tortura no es Cultura were confronted with violence, the lawyer that was present received death threats and his cell phone was thrown into the river. They documented how Pelado was hit, the presence of lances (those were not allowed) and the fact that Pelado has run a route that is not allowed. Watch the video here:

Adoption plan

CAS International wanted to help Pelado in case he would be rescued by El Hogar ProVegan. We had the plan to make it possible to adopt Pelado so many people would be able to support Pelado financially. Unfortunately we could not help Pelado, but it is possible to adopt via CAS other bulls and cows rescued from the bullfighting industry.

AVATMA (a Spanish association of veterinarians against bullfighting) have delivered the signatures of the petition to the authorities of Castile and Leon. They want to use the signatures to prevent the death of other bulls dying unnecessary deaths in the future, like Pelado did.

On Saturday September 10 150,000 persons protested in Madrid against bullfighting and festivities with bulls, like Toro de la Peña. Many organizations from Spain and other countries joined this protest that was organized by PACMA (Spanish Party for the Animals).

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