Amnesty International Portugal: no participation of minors in bullfights

Wednesday, March 18th 2015

Amnesty International © Amnesty International

Amnesty International Portugal
requested in a statement to the Portuguese Congress not to allow the participation of minors to bullfights. This request is made after the approval of a law draft that makes it possible for minors to still participate in bullfights.

In February 2014 the Committee for the Rights of the Child of the United Nations stated that bullfighting is in contravention of the Convention of the Rights of the Child. The United Nations evaluated Portugal as the first of bullfighting countries. The country received two important recommendations: the minimal age of 12 years for children who are allowed to enroll to bullfighting schools should be raised, as well as the minimal age of 6 years for attending a bullfight.

Recently, the Commission of Social Security and Labour approved a bill that establishes the access to and execution of activities during bullfights. This includes tasks such as amateur bullfighter for minors under 18, and supporting roles for children under 16 years. According to the bill, participation of children would be allowed if the National Commission for the Protection of Minors would give permission too. The same Commission previously acknowledged that such activities are dangerous for minors.

This bill goes against the Convention on the Rights of the Child and ignores the recommendations of the United Nations. Amnesty International calls for the cancellation or rectification of this bill and asks the Congress to follow the judgment of the United Nations.

Since the Declaration of the United Nations, there has been no approval in Portugal for the participation of minors under 16 in bullfights.
CAS International is very happy about the fact that Amnesty International opposes bullfighting. CAS sees this as support in the struggle against bullfighting.

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