Algemesi changes feast with young bulls

Tuesday, April 7th 2015

Ruth and Manuel Ruth and Manuel were rescued from the bullfighting industry © Santuario Wings of Heart

The Spanish town of Algemesi (Valencia) modifies an important element of the notorious feasts with young bulls, called becerradas. The becerradas are bullfights with young bulls of less than two years old. It has now been decided not to use banderillas (decorated stick with barbs) and not to injure and kill the animals during the feast. The feast will change to 'capeas'. What this exactly means is still unclear, because the decision-makers have not yet explained the details.

The anti-bullfighting movement has exerted pressure on Algemesi for years to put an end to the becerradas. The pro-bullfighting associations have now jointly decided to make this change.

CAS International is pleased with the decision to no longer injure and kill the bull during becerradas. However, it is not yet known what is going to happen to the young bulls. The bullfighting sector is a commercial industry, and it is quite possible that the young bulls will be used repeatedly in stressful events. It is also possible that the bulls will still be slain after the becerradas, by a butcher. The end of the becerradas means at least the end of a horrible death for the young bulls. It is a step forward, but many more steps will be needed still.

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