Actions against cruel Toro de la Vega in Spain

Friday, September 4th 2015

Rock in Vega For there is an alternative © Rock in Vega

On September 15 the cruel feast of  Toro de la Vega will take place in Tordesillas, Spain. During Toro de la Vega a bull is slaughtered by hundreds of men on horses and by foot, who kill the animal with lances. The bull that will be killed in Tordesillas has already been chosen. His name is Rompe-Suelas and he weighs 640 kg.

Protest in Madrid

Every year, CAS International travels to Spain to protest against Toro de la Vega. This year CAS wil join the protest ‘Rompe una Lanza’ (break a lance) in Madrid, organized by the Spanish animal party PACMA. Since 2007 CAS has supported this campaign financially. This year PACMA organizes the demonstration for the first time on its own. You can participate in this protest in Madrid on Saturday 12 September. It begins at 17:00 hrs at Puerta del Sol. If you want to join the protest with us, please contact us so we can meet each other in Madrid. Please send an e-mail to or call +31 30 230 00 93. You can also support this cause by signing the petition of PACMA for the end of Toro de la Vega:

Rock in Vega

Recently a new project was launched to end Toro de la Vega, and CAS International takes part in it: Rock in Vega. With a music festival we want to give the inhabitants of Tordesillas an alternative to Toro de la Vega. The idea is that musicians give a concert in Tordesillas under one condition: no Toro de la Vega will take place. 200 Spanish artists have already vowed their support to this project and are willing to perform for free. In this video they show their support to Rock in Vega.

We have offered the festival to the inhabitants of Tordesillas but, unfortunately, it was not accepted by the mayor. We would like the inhabitants to be given a choice whether they want to accept our offer. We have requested a meeting with the mayor of Tordesillas to speak with him about this option. However, the mayor is not really responding in our favour. During a radio interview he stated that he only knew about the project through the Spanish media. This is remarkable since the mayor did send us a response on our offer. Our colleagues in Spain published the correspondence with the mayor of Tordesillas in Spanish media. He has still not reacted on our request to have a meeting.

Keep an eye on our website, for soon we will have more news about this project! We hope to be able to spare the life of Rompe-Suelas and that we, together with the inhabitants of Tordesillas, can end this cruel tradition. CAS International will continue to battle to achieve the end of Toro de la Vega.

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