European subsidies to bullfighting continue

Wednesday, October 22nd 2014 ©

The European Parliament lacked the courage to ban the subsidies to bullfighting. However, we did see a large amount of votes in favor of ending the subsidies, nearly half of the total number of votes: 323 votes were in favor for the end, 309 against, while there were 58 abstentions. Bas Eickhout, Dutch Member of European Parliament of the party of GroenLinks, has attempted to push the amendment during the plenary session to end the subsidizing of bullfighting. Previously, he has filed a similar amendment to the Environment Committee, where he received support for his proposal. At the Budget Committee, however, no support was given.

It is very unfortunate that the subsidization of bullfighting by the European Union has not been stopped. At the same time we are happy about the fact that several Members of European Parliament have focused on this theme, not only Bas Eickhout but also the Scottish Member of European Parliament Alyn Smith, and that they managed to put this issue on the political agenda.

Ending the EU funding has concerned us for some time now: on July 4, 2013, the Dutch Parliament decided unanimously that the subsidies to bullfighting should be terminated, following a proposal by the Party for the Animals supported by CAS International. Read more about the vote at the Dutch Lower House (Tweede Kamer) here. Aside from this, CAS International works together with CRAC Europe, lobbying for an end to the subsidies at the European Union. We will continue our work to stop the subsidies to bullfighting by the European Union!

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