Bullfighting no Cultural Patrimony in San Luis Potosi

Thursday, March 27th 2014

Anti bullfighting protest in San Luis Potosi, november 2013Anti bullfighting protest in San Luis Potosi, november 2013

The government of the Mexican state of San Luis Potosí has announced via Twitter that it is not interested in declaring bullfighting as Cultural Patrimony! It was expected that the state would make such a declaration. Because of this expectation organisations worldwide, including CAS, have joined a protest on Twitter, that was started by Antitauromaquia San Luis Potosí: during a tweetstorm arguments against supporting such a declaration were stated. And we succeeded!

In November 2013 Marius Kolff, director of CAS International, and Marta Esteban of the Spanish platform La Tortura No Es Cultura, visited San Luis Potosi. At that time the Congres could at any moment decide to prohibit bullfighting in the entire state. At the Congres Marius and Marta spoke with several Congres members and asked them not to protect bullfighting and to abolish it instead. They also spoke with several journalists and our opinion was well-spread in the local news channels of San Luis Potosi. Furtermore, they supported our local sisterorganizations that worked around the clock to get bullfighting prohibited in the whole state.

For a moment it seemed we had a good chance to win, yet finally the state decided, under pressure of the bullfighting lobby, not to prohibit bullfighting. Since that moment, they keep pushing the Congres to protect bullfighting by labeling it as Cultural Patrimony. In Spain bullfighting has received such a status and the bullfighting lobby is expecting to have good chances in other countries to get bullfighting protected as well in a similar way. Nevertheless, the government of the state of San Luis Potosi has now made it public not to intend to support such a statement. Thanks to our presence and intensive political lobby, the enormous effort the local organizations have made, and the protest on Twitter we took part in, the state now has decided not to provide bullfighting with a cultural heritage status!

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