Dutch Parliament: End EU subsidies to bullfighting!

Monday, July 8th 2013

EU funding for bullfights EU funding for bullfights

On July 4, 2013, The Netherlands' parliament voted unanimously(!) in favour of an initiative of Partij voor de Dieren to ask the Dutch (Netherlands) government to end EU funding of bullfighting.

Parliament thinks that the Dutch government should use all its power with the EU to end these subsidies. Subsidies from the EU usually find their way to bullfighting through agricultural funds, but sometimes also through regional development, culture, or otherwise. It is not very clear how much in subsidies is given. The questions, the debate and the voting in Dutch parliament were an initiative of the PvdD with the help of CAS International.

Europarlementarian Alyn Smit has started an online petition to end these subsidies. Apart from the request from Dutch parliament you can now also sign a petition to end these subsidies. Sign this petition.

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