CAS protests against Toro de la Vega

Friday, September 20th 2013

Marius Kolff with members of the Spanish Parliament Chesus Yuste and Jordi Guillot Marius Kolff with members of the Spanish Parliament Chesus Yuste and Jordi Guillot

On Saturday September 14, CAS International protested against the cruel Toro de la Vega 'feast' in Madrid, Spain.

Every year in September in Tordesillas, a bull is killed by hundreds of horse- and footmen armed with lances. This year, bull Vulcano was the victim of this tradition.

The protest was organized by PACMA and supported by CAS International, the platform La Tortura No Es Cultura (Torture is no Culture) and HSI. More than 10,000 persons coming from all over Spain demonstrated in Madrid and participated at the protest action 'Rompe una Lanza' (Break a lance). Hundreds of 'lances' were broken on the field where the bull is killed. These lances symbolize the weapons that are used to kill the bull.

Marius Kolff, director of CAS International, was present in the demonstration and walked in front: “CAS participated for the 6th time and it was good to see that now more than 10,000 individuals joined the demonstration. Six years ago we protested in an off-road field in Tordesillas, but now we walked in the main streets of Madrid, along the offices of PP and PSOE.”

When the protesters arrived at the offices of the main political parties we stood still for a long time and many slogans were shouted against the support by the PP and the PSOE of Toro de la Vega. This demonstration was very impressive, also because many people on the street applauded us and spontaneously decided to join our demonstration. The majority of Spaniards thinks that such a horrible festival does not match the current Spain.

On 17 September Vulcano was killed in Tordesillas. Activists of the Occupy-movement tried to prevent the event at the place where the bull is killed. If needed, CAS International will travel again to Tordesillas to protest against Toro de la Vega. We will, together with our sister organizations, do all we can to get Toro de la Vega prohibited. We would like to thank everyone who supported our protest!

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