A step towards banning events with animal cruelty

Thursday, September 26th 2013


On Wednesday, September 25th, a debate took place in the Spanish Congress on banning events involving the maltreatment and/or killing of bulls. The reason for this debate was an initiative of Izquierda Plural to abolish the cruel Toro de la Vega. Although this produced no prohibition of these kinds of events at this time, important steps that increase the possibility of a ban in the future were taken.

The conservative PP, currently holding the majority of votes in Congress, does not support a ban. However, other parties do! The PSOE, the largest party after the PP, has submitted a proposal for the initiative that would ban the abuse of animals in all events in Spain (and not only during Toro de la Vega). This proposal was supported by all parties except the PP.

CAS International is very pleased with the outcome of this debate. Of course we regret the fact that there is no prohibition, yet we also know that the PP would not support a ban. We have lobbied intensively in the Spanish Congress, with international organizations as well as Spanish organizations, under the campaign #LoveSpainHateBullfights. And with great results: the majority of the political parties in the Congress now recognize the importance of this prohibition!

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