Galicia, Spain, lost the vote, but we will win!

Wednesday, July 3rd 2013

Galicia Marius Kolff in Galician Parliament with Ruben Peréz of Libera! and Ana Pontón (BNG)

June 25 parliament of the Spanish state Galicia voted on a new animal law. In the proposed, new law animals would be getting better protection and it also included a chapter on the abolishment of bullfighting.

Unfortunately the proposals didn't make it. Members of the Spanish political party Partido Popular (P.P.) hold the majority in Galician Parliament. This political party knows a certain discipline in voting behaviour by which members have to vote according to what is decided from their headquarters in Madrid. Unfortunately, and as expected, this time Madrid dictated to vote against the proposed law in Galicia. Resulting in a situation that the largest party in Galicia, P.P., voted against the wishes of the majority of the people. 80% of Galician people want better animal protection and an end of bullfighting in their state.

Marius Kolff of CAS International was in Galicia at the time of the voting. CAS has the project Galicia Mellor Sen Touradas (GMST, Galicia Better Without Bullfights) together with sister organization Libera! At a press conference in Galician Parliament Marius read a statement to the press. In this statement on behalf of 70 million people, members of 56 organizations from all over the world, he asked parliamentarians to please vote in favour os this new law. He said: "Modern times require modern legislation. We all know today that animals are sentient beings and can suffer just as much as humans do. With the new animal protection law in Galicia at least a certain degree of dignity and protection of animals will be safeguarded." The declaration was mentioned in all important Galician newspapers and internet news sites (such as

This time Partido Popular has won. Will this be the case when in Galicia people vote again? Will P.P. have the majority wth new elections for Galician Parliament? We doubt it for many people don't want to vote again for a party that so clearly neglects the wishes of the majority op the people. All other parties, such as BNG, AGE, and even the - on this subject not always reliable - PSOE, the socialist party, voted in favour of the proposed new animal law.

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