YouTube prohibits videos of bullfights

Wednesday, March 27th 2013

The popular video channel YouTube has prohibited the display of videos containing images of bullfights where bulls are being harmed physically. Under the terms of YouTube, it is not allowed to place videos in which animal cruelty is visible.

On the one hand it is good news that YouTube wants to stop the display of animal cruelty. But on the other hand, there are several drawbacks to this prohibition. The bullfighting industry now has the option to display false images of bullfights: a romanticized image of a cruel tradition, in which especially the culture and art elements will be emphasized. Tourists who see these videos are thus deceived because they do not get information about the aspect of animal cruelty.There is one important drawback with this prohibition for animal welfare organizations, since it will no longer be possible to show the animal cruelty of bullfighting on a platform that is freely accessible to the public. YouTube is an important tool in our fight. We fear that this ban will promote the romanticized videos of bullfighting. For animal welfare organizations this means that they lose an important instrument of indictment.

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