Majority inhabitants Málaga want bullfighting to end

Tuesday, January 20th 2015

Bulls grazing in the pasture Bulls grazing in the pasture © LACS

In the Spanish city of Málaga a referendum as held to gauge how people think about a ban on bullfighting. Málaga is located in Andalusia, one of the Spanish states where bullfighting is most popular. The referendum has revealed that 71.25 % of the voters support the abolition of bullfighting in Málaga.

The referendum was initiated by Partido Andalucista (PA), a local political party. 9,245 inhabitants of the city of Malaga participated in this referendum. For us it is not surprising that the majority of the population of Málaga is against bullfighting. So far, all the polls in the bullfighting countries show that the majority of the population wants the end to the suffering of animals in the bullring. In addition, tourism is one of the major sources of income of the bullfighting industry in Málaga.Many tourists are persuaded, often with falsehoods, to attend a bullfight.

Following these results PA will present a decree with the proposal to ban bullfighting in Málaga. Check our website regularly for the latest developments in Málaga.

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