Commemoration in Madrid for the Spanish bulls killed in 2014

Sunday, December 21st 2014

Commemoration Madrid Commemoration at Puerta del Sol, Madrid © CAS International

On Saturday December 20th, a commemoration was held for the many bulls slain during bullfights and patronal feasts with animals in Spain in 2014. During the commemoration several Spanish and non-Spanish organizations condemned the European subsidies allocated to the breeding of Spanish fighting bulls.

Plataforma por un Futuro Animal Ético (platform for an ethical future for animals), of which CAS International is a member, organized the commemoration. On the busy Puerta del Sol, at 12:00 pm, a symbolic cemetery with 60 crosses was placed representing the death and suffering of the Spanish fighting bulls. During the commemoration several representatives of the anti-bullfighting movement talked about bullfighting and the subsidies it receives from the European Union paid with public money from countries where bullfighting does not exist. Our action was visited by many passers-by and we were able to collect many signatures calling for the end of European subsidies to bullfighting. Soon this petition will go online as well.

The majority of European citizens consider bullfighting a serious form of cruelty towards animals, during which animals extreme suffering is caused for the pleasure of a minority. Even in Spain, the majority of the population is against bullfighting. It is estimated that the bullfighting industry receives 130 million over agricultural subsidies for the breeding of fighting bulls. The majority of European citizens does not agree with the subsidizing of bullfighting with public money, nor does it concur with the decision of the European Union to continue this funding. Bullfighting is banned in most European countries.

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