Update voting European bullfighting subsidies

Tuesday, October 7th 2014

EU funding
The budget Committee of the European Parliament has voted on the amendment 6334 to stop the European subsidies to bullfighting, initiated by Bas Eickhout, Dutch member of the parliament for the green Dutch party Groen Links. Unfortunately, the initiative did not receive enough support from the committee. It is unfortunate that the committee did not approve the amendment, but it is a positive development that the discussion on bullfighting subsidies reached the political agenda.

Bas Eickhout will try to re-table the amendment on the plenary session. That means that in October the complete European Parliament needs to cast its vote on this amendment. You can follow the last developments in our website.

On July 4 2013, the Lower House of the Parliament of the Netherlands decided unanimously to end the subsidies to bullfighting after a proposal of the Party for the Animals with help from CAS. Read more about the voting of the Lower House. At this moment CAS International is lobbying, together with CRAC Europe, to end the European subsidies on bullfighting.

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