Referendum on bullfighting in Bogota approved

Tuesday, August 4th 2015

Consultative referendum approved Bogota Our colleagues in Bogota in the city council © Resistencia Natural

July 28 2015 is a historic day for the anti-bullfighting movement. On this day the city council of the Colombian capital of Bogota voted in favor of the realization of a consultative referendum to present the citizens with the next question: Do you agree, yes or no, with bullfights and novilladas taking place in Bogota?

Our colleagues in Bogota started the campaign that led to this consultative referendum, which is supported by CAS Internacional, after a sequence of important events in Bogota. In February of this year the Constitutional Court determined that bullfights should be held again in the Colombian capital of Bogota. Since 2012 the mayor of the city, Gustavo Petro, has been fighting for the end of bullfighting in the Colombian capital, proposing to use the bullring La Santamaria as a space for cultural and educational events without suffering. CAS International sent a letter to the mayor of Bogota in 2012, signed by a long list of anti-bullfighting organizations in the name of the International Network against Bullfighting, with a request to ban bullfighting in Bogota.

We know that the majority of the citizens in Colombia are against bullfighting, and in Bogota there is a strong movement against it. We feel optimistic about the results of this consultative referendum. Now the referendum will be judged whether there is a constitutional basis for it to take place. After this the referendum will be held on October 25, on the same day as the municipal elections. Hopefully October 25 will be the start of a Bogota without bullfights! Follow the latest news about the referendum via our website and social media. And we would like to thank everyone who supported us through the social media during several tweetstorms and campaigns for this referendum against bullfighting!

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