Protest e-mail: Stop the suffering of bulls in Algemesi

Tuesday, September 20th 2016

Every year in September novilladas (bullfights with bulls of 2-3 years of age) are held in the Spanish municipality Algemesi. This year they will take place between Saturday September 24 and Sunday October 2. Since 30 years it is a tradition to take the slain bulls to the street next to the bullring. There the bull will be lifted up and moved into a truck. Before the bull is lifted up, however, children entertain themselves with him, for example spraying him with fake snow. In 2015, we published a video on our social media showing children spraying the bull. A macabre image that shocked many people.


According to an inhabitant of Algemesi the bull in the video was not dead. He touched the animal and could feel he was still alive. He was paralyzed. During the bullfight the bullfighters tried to kill this bull for five times without success. According to a veterinarian the animal was probably paralyzed because of the way he was stabbed in the head. Watch the video of this novillada in Algemesi in 2015 (this video contains shocking images).


The United Nations have asked Portugal, Colombia, Mexico, France and Peru to keep children away from the violence of bullfighting and to change their laws related to this subject. It is a matter of time before Spain receives such a request. Despite the fact that the UN has approached several bullfighting countries, and its declaration about the mental and physical violence that is related to bullfighting, Spain continues to allow children attendance to bullfights and dead bulls.


We ask you to contact the municipality of Algemesi and request them to stop the cruel bullfights. You can send them a tweet to @algemesi_net using #NoMasTorosAlgemesi, an example is:

No maltraten más toros en las fiestas de Algemesi #NoMasTorosAlgemesi.

(Stop torturing bulls during the Algemesi festival).

You can also send an e-mail to the town hall:

Here you can find a text in Spanish that you can use in your protest e-mail. Below you will find a translation in English.

Estimado señor/señora,

Acabo de ver las imágenes de las novilladas de Algemesí del 2015 y dan una muy mala imagen de España. Las becerradas en Algemesí ya terminaron y esa noticia me dio esperanza, pero en su municipio se sigue torturando a animales y las imágenes muestran que el sufrimiento de estos animales es tremendo. Y después de la corrida los niños se pueden divertir con un toro poniéndole nieve artificial, una imagen chocante y macabre. Las Naciones Unidas ya pidieron a Portugal, México, Peru, Francia y Colombia que apartasen a la infancia de la violencia de las corridas de toros. Pero España continúa enseñando a los menores que maltratar y matar a un animal es divertido. Una vergüenza.

Esperamos que Algemesí decida prohibir este sufrimiento animal lo antes posible.



Translation in English:

Unfortunately I have seen the video of bullfights with young bulls in Algemesi. This presents a very negative image of Spain. De becerradas (bullfights with bulls younger than 2 years old) are no longer held in Algemesi and that gives hope, but still animals are being tortured in your municipality and the video shows a tremendous suffering. Moreover, after the bullfight children can ‘play’ with the dead bull spraying him with fake snow, a shocking image. The United Nations already requested Portugal, Mexico, Peru, France and Colombia to keep children away from the violence of bullfighting. But Spain continues to teach children that torturing and killing animals is entertainment. A shame. We hope Algemesi will stop this animal abuse right away.

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