Protest against running of the bulls of Pamplona in Amsterdam

Thursday, July 6th 2017

The bullrun is anything but innocent

Protest in Amsterdam 
Protest in Amsterdam © CAS International

Just a day before the start of the running of the bulls in Pamplona, a protest against the cruel runs was held in the capital of The Netherlands: Amsterdam. During eight days, every morning a bullrun with 6 bulls will take place in Pamplona. The bullruns are seen as innocent entertainment, bus this is far from true: the bulls run to the bullring, where they will be killed in a bullfight on the same day. With European agricultural subsidies, 60 bulls have been bred to be used in bullfights during the San Fermín feasts in Pamplona. The running of the bulls is the best known Spanish feast with bulls; however, more than 17,000 lesser known feasts with bulls took place in Spain in 2016. CAS International organized the protest in Amsterdam on July 6.

Their suffering is ours
Some of the demonstrators stood with red hands, symbolizing blood. Their message: if we keep silent and look away, we have blood on our hands. The other demonstrators held pictures of bulls and protest boards with texts like ‘Stop the cruel running of the bulls in Pamplona’.

Protest in Amsterdam

Every year thousands of tourists from Spain, but also from other countries like the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, etc, travel to Pamplona to join the runs. Unfortunately, many tourists do not know that the bulls are to be killed. A video, by the Spanish Platform La Tortura no es Cultura, calls tourists not to participate in the bullruns and to be aware of the fact that they contribute to animal suffering. You can watch the video here. The video is being shared throughout the media in Europe, North America and Asia to end this bloody spectacle. 

It is estimated that the bullfighting sector annually receives 629 million euro from public funding. 130 million comes from European agricultural subsidies. Aside from this, the majority of Spanish people is against bullfighting. The public interest is decreasing every year. According tot the Ministry of Culture only 6.9% of Spaniards attend bullfights.

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