Protest against Toro de la Vega in Madrid

Wednesday, August 27th 2014

Toro de la Vega @ PACMA
Toro de la Vega © PACMA

On Saturday September 13, CAS International will protest against the cruel Toro de la Vega 'feast' in Madrid, Spain.

Every year in September, in the Spanish town of Tordesillas, a bull is killed by hundreds of horse- and footmen armed with lances. This year, bull Elegido (in Spanish it means the chosen one) will be the victim of this cruel tradition.

The protest, part of the campaign 'Rompe una Lanza' (Break a lance) will be organized by PACMA and financially supported by CAS International. Last year more than 10,000 persons from all over Spain demonstrated in Madrid and participated at the protest action 'Rompe una Lanza'. Hundreds of 'lances' were broken on the field where the bull is killed. These lances symbolize the weapons that are used to kill the bull. Meanwhile, the European Union has accepted a request from PACMA to investigate whether Toro de la Vega violates European law.

If needed, CAS International will travel again to Tordesillas to protest against Toro de la Vega. We will, together with our sister organizations, do all we can to get Toro de la Vega prohibited.

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