CAS protests against bullfighting in Rieumes

Wednesday, July 8th 2015

Protest Rieumes CAS International, together with colleagues from Spain (la Tortura no es Cultura) and Portugal (ANIMAL), representing the International Network against Bullfighting

On June 28 CAS International protested against bullfighting in the French municipality of Rieumes. CAS represented the International Network against Bullfighting together with Marta Esteban of the Spanish platform La Tortura No Es Cultura and Rita Silva of the Portuguese animal-rights NGO ANIMAL.

Several protests took place in Rieumes on the 28th because of the organization of a number of events with bulls on this day. The bullfights in Rieumes were partly paid for with public money: the protesters rejected these subsidies. From the Network we also paid attention to the fact that children in France are allowed to witness the violence in bullfights, despite the recommendation of the United Nations to the bullfighting countries Portugal, Colombia and Mexico to keep children away from this violence. The European subsidies that flow into the bullfighting sector were also condemned by the Network.

The protest was organized by the French organizations CRAC Europe, FLAC, Fondation Brigitte Bardot and Animaux en Peril. In France every year less bullfights are being organized and more successes achieved by the anti-bullfighting movement. Recently it was made public that bullfighting is no longer Cultural Patrimony of France. CAS International keeps battling bullfighting and related events with bulls together with the French sister organizations and the International Network against Bullfighting.

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