Investigation for death bulls movie Blancanieves

Thursday, November 20th 2014

Blancanieves Blancanieves

The Superior Court of Madrid has determined that the death of nine young bulls for the production of the Spanish movie Blancanieves (directed by Pablo Berger) needs to be investigated. The authorities in Madrid will start the investigation after this statement. The platform La Tortura no es Cultura (Torture is no Culture), that CAS International is part of, denounces the death of the bulls in July 2011. However, Madrid archived the charge.

The organization Justicia Animal (Justice for Animals) has video images of the bullfights that were carried out to film Blancanieves in the bullring of Aranjuez. Permissions were provided for two bullfights without public (lidia a puerta cerrada). It is known that the bulls were killed in the arena, after the bullfights, in presence of a veterinary. However, according to Spanish law, it is not permitted to abuse and/or kill animals for the filming of movies and television productions.

Blancanieves is a movie we have been concerned with for a while: CAS International started a campaign in 2012, together with colleague organizations, to prevent the movie receiving an Oscar. Finally the movie did not receive this prestigious price. Furthermore, CAS International protested during the screening of the movie at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam and we informed the public about the abuse and killing of the bulls. We also protested with our colleague organizations in Madrid against the death of the nine bulls. We will keep you informed about the latest developments on our website.

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