International Network Against Bullfighting now Public

Thursday, May 22nd 2014

Summit Lissabon © CAS International Summit in Lissabon © CAS International

The First time we gathered was in 2007 when 22 participants from 15 organizations that are active against bullfighting met in Lisbon. We then founded the International Network Against Bullfighting. Since 2007 we have grown and since then we organized an international conference every year. From then on we refrained from speaking too publicly about this Network. Occasionally we wrote about our meetings, but we never mentioned the Network as such. Now that we have grown so much that we are counting now 100 member organizations worldwide we thought we could out this to the world. So, now this is official: the International Network to End Bullfighting exists!

Leading organization of this Network is CAS International. In the world of animal rights CAS is a small organization, but in effect it is the only international organization that focuses solely on the ending of bullfighting in the world. From the founding on CAS worked to end tourism from the Netherlands and Belgium to the bullfighting arena’s, following a Spanish initiative. From this CAS grew on to the international organization as it is now: a central body that campaigns worldwide to end bullfighting and does so from the International Network to End Bullfighting. CAS is the leading organization of this Network of 100 member organizations and administers the network from her office in The Netherlands.
The founding of the Network was in 2007 in Lisbon; seven years later, in 2014 in the same city of Lisbon, we decided to go public with our International Network to End Bullfighting. This shows that this alliance has matured and feels strong enough to be able to do so. Our strength is obvious, just looking at the twisted reactions of the bullfighting industry with half-hearted declarations such as ‘cultural heritage’ while the people of the countries concerned say that bullfights may be culture but are a thing from the past.

At the Network Meeting in Lisbon in 2014 the participants got practical information on debating and communications techniques, networking in social media and their applications for our mission. Projects were presented, such as Children for Animals, Pan y Toros, and the most recent research on the suffering of the bulls was presented by renown veterinarians (in our recent BULLetin, in Dutch, for our members, we publish extensively on these projects). One part of the conference was dedicated to further professionalising the Network. This essential contribution of CAS to the international movement is only made possible thanks to the financial support of our members and donors. However,  right now we are getting stronger and stronger, we feel the negative results of the financial crisis and we are losing donors and members. I would very much like to ask you that if you like our mission and trust our organization, to help us financially in order to enable us to proceed with our important work for the bulls and horses. Thank you!

Marius Kolff, director

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