CAS battles bullfighting in Ecuador

Wednesday, May 27th 2015

Summit in Ecuador © CAS International Our 9th summit in Ecuador © CAS International

May the 9th the International Summit against bullfighting took place in Quito, Ecuador. The conference was, like every year, organized by CAS International. As our network grows and the organization of the summit requires more effort, we were this year supported by the Spanish platform La Tortura no es Cultura (of which CAS is a member). And the summit was again a great success! Network members came from all bullfighting countries to the conference and together we decided which strategies we will follow over the next year.

Press Conference and Forum

Our visit to Ecuador was very special: in Quito, at the National Assembly, we presented our International Network against Bullfighting to the international press during a press conference. Representatives of CAS International explained, together with colleagues from all bullfighting countries, the key goals and achievements of the Network. We also expressed our support for various projects in Ecuador that focus on the abolition of bullfighting. In addition to the press conference we organized a forum at the National Assembly where the Network introduced itself to the audience.

Press conference for the launching of the Network © CAS International Press conference for the launching of the Network © CAS International

Marius Kolff, director of CAS, officially presented the main goals of the Network. Amongst other topics Marius stressed the importance of a world without violence: "The Network seeks cooperation to build a world without violence, a planet where no one will be exposed to abuse and exploitation, whether it comes to species, ideology, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age or geographic location". Hereafter representatives of all bullfighting countries gave an overview of the main achievements and issues in each country.

Gaby Rivadeneira, president of the National Assembly in Quito, opened the forum and expressed its support to the Network. During the opening of the forum, she stated that "the Ecuadorian people already stated to be against the slaughter of bulls". Her strong opinion was criticized widely in the social media by bullfighting supporters.

Presentation of the Network to the public © CAS International Presentation of the Network to the public © CAS International

Lobby in Quito

After the press conference and the forum Marius Kolff and Marta Esteban (la Tortura no es Cultura) were interviewed by various media: they were seen and heard on live television, radio and through various Internet channels. Hereafter a delegation visited the Vice Mayor of Quito on behalf of CAS and the Network, where they stressed the need to ban bullfighting in order to obtain a world free of animal cruelty and violence. They also had a meeting with a council group that focuses on animal welfare in the city. Our visit to Ecuador was widely covered in the media, both in Ecuador and in the other bullfighting countries.

We are confident that the launch of our Network will accelerate the end of bullfighting. Our Network can be followed through social media and
via the website which will soon be both in the Spanish and English language.




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