Bullring Madrid temporarily closes doors

Thursday, June 22nd 2017

LaS Ventas Protest against bullfighting at Las Ventas

The most important bullring of Spain, Las Ventas in Madrid, will close its doors temporarily this summer, during the bullfighting season. It is unknown for how long. The city council of the Spanish capital has decided to carry out construction work to improve the security of the building. According to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, the government of mayor Manuela Carmena, withholds to grant licences for events without blood because in the last years there has been hardly any investment in the maintenance of the building. The administrators of the building want to use Las Ventas for all type of events.

Las Ventas dates from 1929 and was built in Mudéjar style. The bullring is considered to be the centre of bullfighting in Spain and even in the world. It is the third biggest bullring in the world (after Mexico City and Valencia in Venezuela). The bullring has a capacity of 23,798 persons. Next Sunday a bullfight will take place, probably the last one of this bullfighting season. It is unknown when the construction works will start. But it is very probable that the bullfights planned in September (taking place over a period of 10 days long, from September 23 until October 1) will not take place.

We hope that the doors of Las Ventas will forever remain closed for bullfights. Only thanks to municipal subsidies can bullfights be organized in Las Ventas. The bullfights themselves are no longer profitable. The events without blood are being cost-effective. In 2016, the mayor of Madrid tried to end the municipal subsidies towards bullfights, but she could not gather enough support for her initiative. However, she did succeed in stopping the subsidization of the bullfighting school Marcial Landana, that received an amount of 61,200 euros per year.

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